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Just the thing for digging lots of holes for footings and foundations in remote locations. Click the image to link to manufacturer's specifications page. Note that there are specific package dimensions and shipping weights so you can calculate the impact on container loading.


For anyone considering serious cave-dwelling architecture, you might want to see if you can fit one of these into your containers. Even if it fits in dimensions, are you going to have a problem with container weight?






301.6C/301.8C Mini Hydraulic Excavators







The AIR-SPADE® uses forced air to effectively penetrate and dislodge most types of soil, but is harmless to non-porous objects such as plant roots, buried pipes, or cables.




Solar Powered Flash Lights

specs/order form



Money Maker Block Press: This is a tool for making earthern bricks.



100% mild steel

Dimensions: 39.5” h x 20” w x 20” d (base unit), 79” h x 16” w x 8” d (handle)


design for the other 90%




The Icebox, a tool for making shelters out of snow.

igloo tool





Hand Tools:  A basic toolkit will be assembled. Tools that are sourced should be able to do more than one job or be adjustable.



Post Hole Digger/Friskars

Post Digger



Klein Tools







products and specs


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