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Solar System Configuration Matrix

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Solar Array

 The solar array consists of one or more PV modules which convert sunlight into electric energy. The
modules are connected in series and/or parallel to provide the voltage and current levels to meet your needs. The array is
usually mounted on a metal structure and tilted to face the sun.

Charge Controller

Although charge controllers can be purchased with many optional features, their main function is
to maintain the batteries at the proper charge level, and to protect them from overcharging.

Battery Bank

The battery bank contains one or more deep-cycle batteries, connected in series and/or parallel
depending on the voltage and current capacity needed. The batteries store the power produced by the solar array and
discharge it when required.


An inverter is required when you want to power AC devices. The inverter converts the DC power from the solar
array/batteries into AC power.

AC and DC Loads

These are the appliances (such as lights or radios), and the components (such as water pumps
and microwave repeaters), which consume the power generated by your PV array.

ET SOLAR (China)

PV-Engineering Ltd (China)

PV-Engineering Ltd (China)



KYOCERA (Taiwan)

Xantrex Controllers (Korea)

*these controllers can be used as both charge and load controllers*


US Only











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