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 modular cold room polyurethane insulation panel (pu panel) supplier and exporter in China!!!  http://www.dragon-enterprise.com/cold-room/polyurethane-insulation-panel.htm



Sundanzer's website provides specific pv sizing information for powering different sized refrigeration systems for residential and commercial off-grid applications.

general website: http://www.sundanzer.com/

system sizing for residential: http://www.sundanzer.com/PDF/residential_system_sizing.pdf

system sizing for commercial: http://www.sundanzer.com/PDF/Commercial_System_Sizing.pdf


Polar Power offers a number of solar powered refrigerators, including one specifically designed for storing vaccines in remote rural locations.

Specifics about rural health clinics' needs and vaccine refrigeration: http://www.polarpowerinc.com/products/refrigerator/reliable-vaccine-ref.htm

Residential solar pv and dc powered refrigerators/freezers power requirements and specs:





Sun Frost offers energy-effcient refrigerators and freezers that are easily powered by solar energy. They also offer vaccine refrigerators.

home page


specifications including projected daily energy use

vaccine storage specs including projected daily energy use (scroll down to bottom of page)












                        Wiring Diagram






passive refrigeration




If one has the means, it is possible to design a passive cold cupboard that doesn’t require energy to operate. In almost any region of the Earth, the ground is going to be cooler than the surrounding air in the summer season (areas of geothermal activity are an exception to this and offer heating potential instead of cooling potential). A cold cupboard makes it possible to replace a large part of one’s cooling needs with a system requiring no outside energy inputs.


The cupboard itself would be a fully insulated space within the home with the same magnetic seal on the doors that refrigerators have. Cool air is drawn in to the bottom of the cupboard through a pipe running under the house with the pipe itself 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to approx. 2 metres) underground and with an opening to the surface outside. A drain should be installed in the pipe to allow for condensation forming in the pipe. A second pipe at the top of the cupboard vents to the outside of the house. The external portion of this vent should have access to full sun and be painted black. This will cause the air inside it to heat and rise, which in turn causes cool air to be sucked in through the bottom pipe.







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