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Etymology and History of the Music Mash Up

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Mashup, bootleg or Bastard Pop, is a musical genre which, in its purest form, consists of the combination of the music from one song with the a cappella from another. Ideally, the music and vocals belong to completely different styles/genres generally considered to be incompatible, yet skillfully and artfully combined into a pleasurably euphonic hybrid.







Some info links to get you started:








Alex's Favorite Mashups!!!

(you can listen to these mixtapes for free)





Bobb Deep (Mobb Deep, Bob Marley)

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The Who vs. Wu Tang

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Q-Unit (Queen, 50 Cent)

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Kanye West, Fall Out Boy

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A Prince In Harlem (Prince, Camron)

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AlMatic (Nas, Al Green)

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PhillMatic (Nas, Phil Collins)

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Blue Eyes Bed-Stuy (Notorious B.I.G., Frank Sinatra)

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The Re-Release Therapy Album (Ludacris, Jackson 5)

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The Grey Album (Jay-Z, The Beatles)

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Marshall Meets Michael (Eminem, Michael Jackson)

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Beastie Park (Beastie Boys, Linkin Park)

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tanks INTRO, big ups the ALmatic mashup

R.A.W. - The Haiti Connection

R.A.W. - The Haiti Connection

one of my favorite DJ's sick mix tape

notable mashups at listed track times


30:40 barryington levy

44:30 bob marley




"the Joker Mash-up with everything I own" featuring jason Mraz and Chrissie Hynde from the Happy Feet sound track.










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